The challenge of the AVOGADRO project is todevelop hydrogen technology for heavy transport (350 bar vehicles) to achieve high performance, aligned with the “Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2021-2027″ of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership:

  • Reduced energy consumption: 2 kWh/kg (3.5 kWh/kg in 2020)
  • High availability: 99% (97% in 2020)
  • CAPEX optimised for 350 bar: 2 k€ / (kg/day) (3.5 k€ / (kg/day) in 2020)
  • Reduced annual maintenance cost: 0.15 €/kg (0.66 €/kg in 2020)

    The AVOGADRO project is an opportunity both for the 8 partners of the consortium and for the Basque Country in general, as it aims to research, understand and gain knowledge of the different critical areas identified in HRS for heavy goods vehicles and trains up to the internationally defined KPIs for 2030.

    Ilustración de repostage con hidrógeno

      To this end, the main technological challenges of the project relate to research into optimised configurations, specific dispensing protocols for heavy goods transport, components, equipment and solutions for safety and increased availability of HRS to meet the requirements of future green hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy vehicles. This is a world first, as no similar alternatives are known to achieve this level of performance. The main challenges and/or problems currently faced by the companies in the consortium and related to their technological growth are outlined below..